From the Founders - St Agni

From the Founders - St Agni

From The Founders - St Agni

This week we had the luxury of chatting with founder of St Agni - Lara Fells about what challenges, inspires & motivates her. 

How did St Agni begin?

My husband Matt and I both pursued careers in managing retail stores.
My passion for design and Matt's shared enthusiasm led us to contemplate our own business venture. The decision to start St. Agni as a side hustle provided us with stability while nurturing our shared entrepreneurial aspirations.
The idea to launch St. Agni was driven by our observation of a distinct
gap in the market for minimalist designs. At that time, the fashion industry was dominated by heavily embellished designs. It became evident to me that there was a genuine demand for quality, clean & unadorned aesthetics that offered a refreshing contrast to the fashion trends of the moment.

What inspires your collections & brand foundation most?

In essence, our aesthetic is deeply influenced by the minimalist style of the 1990s, which forms the foundation of our identity. At the core of St. Agni lies the idea of a contemporary wardrobe uniform. We explore distinctive design features and are
constantly evolving interpretations of individual style.

Who inspires you most?

From an array of influences; the community of dedicated entrepreneurs, mothers who juggle numerous roles &  importantly my family and friends.

Most rewarding & challenging part of running a fashion brand?

We often encounter challenges, yet it's essential to approach them with a positive mindset. Rather than viewing these situations as purely difficult, I try to see these as opportunities for growth. One of the key factors that contribute to our ability to navigate challenges is our team. I'm immensely grateful for the people I have the privilege of working with. Having a great team is an invaluable asset, their dedication and collaborative spirit creates a positive work environment, which makes each stage rewarding.

Favourite St Agni campaign shoot you have done?

Campaign shoots often carry a lot of pressure with them. I prefer content shoots – we recently shot content for our upcoming Resort collection in Paris with one of my favourite model, Marie Seguy. I really enjoyed shooting on location.

Your favourite St Agni pieces right now?

I’m loving our Carter Blazer and Trousers in Slate, this suit set was named after our pattern maker who specialised in tailoring. I’m also loving our latest variety of organic cotton basics.

Thank you Lara!

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