From The Founder - Silk Laundry

From The Founder - Silk Laundry

Katie with her son
How did Silk Laundry begin? 

I started Silk Laundry almost by accident, it came about very organically, through my passion for beautiful things and quality design. I’ve always had a preference for natural fibers over synthetics as they feel so much better close to the skin, are better for you, and are for the most part, better for our environment. I wanted to create beautiful clothes that were uncontrived and well-made. To me, the silk slip dress was simply the most perfect item and was a constant in my wardrobe since my teenage years, and that’s where Silk Laundry began.

What inspires your collections & brand foundation most? 

I was trying to describe recently how I come up with collections. I don’t yet have an absolute answer to this, yet I described it as something akin to how an oyster forms a pearl. A foreign substance slips into the shell of the oyster, which causes irritation, when this happens the oyster produces nacre to cover the foreign substance to protect itself. This defense mechanism, in time, becomes a pearl. Something similar happens to me, it could be the smallest bit of information that hits me and suddenly becomes obsessive about gaining knowledge in a certain area of the field. I am proud of the meaning that is behind our collections and prints, and how our clothing has now become conversation starters.



Who inspires you most?
This is an impossible question to answer. My inspirations change all the time depending on what I am researching. This year, my personal inspirations were people like Australian artist Miranda Skoczek, Vetriniarian and conservationist Chloe Buiting aka Jungle Doctor, tribeswomen I had the pleasure of meeting in Vietnam on a trip with Textileseekers, and my Ukrainian friends who are suffering so much yet choosing to stay strong right now. 
Most rewarding & challenging part of running a fashion brand?
I love being able to change the context of what I study from season to season, sometimes I will be researching specialty fabrics and others I will be researching things from oil spills to mushrooms to monarch butterflies and other endangered species. The most difficult thing for me is that I am so invested in my heart and my soul, that I find it hard to switch off and it uses a lot of my energy. I find the balancing act of being a mother and a business owner and a good friend to people I love difficult. 
Favourite Silk Laundry campaign shoot you have done? 
The next one!
Your favourite Silk Laundry pieces right now? 
The new silk heavy bias cut pants with a raw edge are amazing and I have brought them on all my recent travels. I have also recently converted from the 90s slip to the scoop neck slip and I am loving the shape. 
Thank you Katie!
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