From The Founder - Estilo Emporio

From The Founder - Estilo Emporio

Co- Designer and Creative Director Kira McDonough, embodies the “EE Girl” image with her fluid and airy silhouettes that embody a “cool girl-chic” femininity. She has a strong passion for sustainability and is focussed on making accessible, quality apparel with a romantic and effortless flare.

How did Estilo Emporio begin? 

My parents started the brand in Spain in the 70’s! Dad was an artisan himself and
Mum was studying political science with an innate flair for fashion and style. With his
hands and her brains, they developed a successful cottage industry along the
coastline of the Costa Brava, engaging many locals to emboss, plait and hand stitch
leather bags, belts and sandals in their homes. Soon they were selling wares in
exhibitions throughout Europe and to Neiman Marcus in the USA.  They had a factory
and 4 stores along the Coast and even one in Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Barcelona.
They were best known for their leather-wares! Over time the brand has taken on the
metamorphosis of evolution with every aspect from the name and product focus, we
even bounced Mother countries- but the brand DNA remains the same.

What inspires your collections and brand foundation most? 

Quality, sustainability, artisan integrity and the intersection of fashion and lifestyle.
Collectively, we honour the real, traditional, artisanal methods of production with
raw, sustainable and organic processes. And lots of HEART and soul! We embrace the spirit of special artisan beauty as well as cultural heritage and low environmental
What inspires you most?

Travel, culture, lifestyle and food! I cannot imagine a life without travelling. I cannot
remember a journey that had not changed me somehow! I grew up surrounded by
the beauty and collections from my parents’ travels mounted on our walls, placed on
our mantles and integrated into the food and conversations at our dinner table; this
developed and led my curiosity and approach, as from a young age, I knew this was

I love the spirit of adventure - exploring new places, new cultures, sights, sounds and
tastes, and learning about different ways of life! My Mother and I love to sit on a
quintessential curb-side European table and people watch. We find international
street styles inspiring and we have a game we play: if we see someone visually
inspiring, we fill in ideas of their lives, “who they are and where they might be
going.” I think this is paramount to design, projecting scenarios of how your
customers will be living their lives in your designs.
After all, clothing is like telling your own autobiography, written out one clothing piece at a time.

Most rewarding and challenging part of running a fashion brand?

The fickle metamorphosis of fashion trends, if you subscribe to them too much you
can be thrown away next season! We design with the intent to transcend time and
trends; creating pieces that are ageless, timeless and relevant around the world. The
design process goes beyond the idea of right here right now. We don’t design fast
fashion, but create pieces that are made to last! This by far is the most rewarding
aspect of creation.

Favourite Estilo Emporio campaign shoot you have done

Our Esplora Collection last Summer in Ibiza! I have an absolute soul connection with
the North side of the Island of Ibiza, the landscape and the people really tinker at my
bohemian heart. We will be back this year creating with the same photographer,
Linda Wit.
Thank you Estilo Emporio! 
You can explore their range of amazing shoes & clothing online store & in our boutiques:
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